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  • Flebogrif - leczenie żylaków



    Flebogrif® - Simple and effective mechanical and chemical method for lower limb varicose veins

  • Bioss Lim C


    lnnovative bifurcation stent system
    Strut thickness 0.07mm
    Biodegradable polymer

Get to know our new logo!

Balton has grown and evolved over 40 years with its logo unchanged. However, we, as a company, have changed to stay in line with up-to-date challenges in medicine and the business environment.

The company started with one small production facility and a narrow product offer. Today Balton has much larger and complex production lines in several locations, the product portfolio includes 8 different categories, which are sold in almost 80 countries on 6 continents.

We decided to refresh the look of our logo to symbolically show that we are keeping up with the present. We redesigned it in such a way to honor Balton’s legacy, to reflect who we are today and to symbolize our aspirations for the future.

We proudly present the new Balton logo.

What has changed?

We kept the most recognizable elements of our logotype. We shaped the letters to give them more distinctive look, referring to our technical and technological competencies.

We have added a company’s icon, a graphical symbol inspired by the shape of a heart . It’s not only refers to our core categories, considering heart as a center of human’s circulatory system, but also symbolize vitality, life and health of the patients in all categories. The dynamism of graphic interpretation shows our ambition towards worldwide presence.

Overall results aims to meet modern standards for logos, including requirements and best practice in the digital environment.

Transition period

Changing enterprise visual identity is a complex process and must be implemented in many business areas. We realize that changing a logo is a process that can involve many steps and take some time, so we will introduce it gradually in line with EU MDR requirements and schedule.


EuroPCR 2022

Paris | 17-20th of May 2022

CX Charing Cross 2022

London | 26-28th of April 2022

IME West 2022

Anaheim | 12-14th of April 2022

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